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Stigma Reduction

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Misinformation about coronavirus and COVID-19 can create fear and hostility that hurts people and makes it harder to keep everyone healthy. We’re stronger as a community when we stand together against discrimination. Take advantage of these resources to prevent, interrupt, and respond to stigma. What we can do as individuals

  • Rely on and share trusted sources of information.

  • Speak up if you hear, see, or read stigmatizing or harassing comments or misinformation.

  • Show compassion and support for individuals and communities more closely impacted.

  • Avoid stigmatizing people who are in quarantine. They are making the right choice for their communities.

  • Do not make assumptions about someone’s health status based on their ethnicity, race or national origin.

What we can do as professionals

  • Stay updated and informed on COVID-19 to avoid miscommunication or inaccurate information

  • Talk openly about the harm of stigma

  • View people directly impacted by stigma as people first

  • Be conscious of your language

  • Acknowledge access & language barriers  

  • Check your own stigmas and biases

  • Support community with where to access credible information

  • Be transparent about COVID-19

  • Stick to the facts

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