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Atlantic County Sheriff Eric Scheffler & Atlantic County Recovery Court Judge Sandson team up to bring Baptiste Yoga Instructor Allie Nunzi and her team teachers from Grace & Glory Yoga in Northfield and The Leadership Studio in Atlantic City to teach the practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga to Recovery Court Program members in yoga classes on Tuesday morning. Yoga’s ancient art form has long been practiced as a vehicle for growth and personal transformation. Baptiste Yoga engages participants in a dynamic methodology comprised of physical asana (poses), meditation, and self-inquiry. At Grace & Glory, the core promise is to disrupt business as usual, create bold leaders, and to elevate the world around us by beginning with the world within us. The benefits of yoga are plentiful, helping the patient gain strength and regenerate the natural connection between all three elements of humankind: body, mind and spirit. This practice involves the exercise of slow and relaxed breathing, measured and deliberate poses, and going from the conscious mind to the subconscious and beyond. Sheriff Scheffler participated in the class today brought this idea to Judge Sandson who agreed it would be beneficial to recovery. Each week, the volunteer team will lead program participants through yoga practices regardless of where they are at in the recovery process with the intention of giving practical tools to make a real difference in their lives. The team is dedicated to service to individual growth and to community development at all levels.

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