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🌞 A day of networking and building relationships to continue to help our clients. Team work 🌟

Sheriff Eric Scheffler’s Hope One team had a full day of networking with treatment facilities yesterday. Our first stop was touring The Recovery Village at Cherry Hill at Cooper. Not only do they have a beautiful facility, but they put their patients first and try to see what their specific needs are in order to ensure recovery!

The teams next stop was lunch with Hampton Behavioral Health Center where we got to learn more in depth the process for referring someone who is suffering with severe & debilitating mental health symptoms. It was a very informative and interesting lunch!

🔑🔑 The key to our job is networking and building relationships with others who can help us help our most vulnerable population. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction/mental health, we can help. Come see us at any outreach location or call 609-909-7200. There is HOPE in recovery!

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